What's Happening @ The Paintbox

What’s New - May/June 2021

Once again… life has stepped into our pathway to completely finish our new web site and has greatly altered our plans to reopen The Paint Box in this new virtual online only format.
The state of our mutual health has faltered not to covid… directly, but rather has dealt us limitations… it has dealt us all… in carrying out our business, creative and personal health objectives.
The wonderful pool and exercising facilities we have used and enjoyed have been closed. Also, our new larger studio-work area which Deb and I shared with a few other residents. These sudden and unexpected changes have impacted my own therapy schedule to improve my muscle and central core weakness… arising from my long bout with sciatica.
Their re-opening seems distant and even vague at this point. Simply put- very discouraging. Deb has been struggling along in her own ongoing and continuing battle with a long-time health issue. Both necessary distractions have kept us fully engaged and dealing with both together.
But we do fight on… and today will again resume our earlier work to recalibrate… restructure and rebuild the “New” Paint Box Gallery…online for you!
Stage Two – New Directions
For now, the current site has been purposely constructed to accommodate and focus upon my art and paintings. It is our full attention to gradually incorporate Deb’s necessary and skillful artisanship and full presence within the site… just as it has existed during our personal and creative lives together. Both will remain inseparable! That is what defines our passion and reason for existence
Here within this new Art format, you will see what changes have been added to introduce some of my newest thoughts, new directions and ways that I wish to share them visually and in print with each of you.
Once again… it will be “re-jigged” carefully and gradually into its final form.
Deb has maintained her production of her “Kwerky Kards” all along and is in the process of working out sales ideas with our web people before her final full re-entry into her already strong retail activity and this site.
Stay tuned!…