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The Paint Box Gallery Newsletter for October, 2019

“The Eagle has landed!” Those very words ushered a new era into the human history. For the very first time in man’s being… we had accomplished a dream to visit the stars and other worlds that we scanned nightly. This was indeed “One small step for man… but one giant step for mankind.”

While it may seem to be a very small step away from a small business and lifestyle based for ten short years in the village of Rockport, it does represent for Deb and I a huge understaking and act of personal commitment and courage to move to this next chapter of our life together. It certainly does come to us in the “autumn” of our lives… and is not without considerable risk… financially or emotionally.

Neither one of us can envisage abandoning our work… our mutual ability to still dream… and share our passion for Art with others. That is … and will always be parmount in our Karma as a couple.

We have now taken up residence in the small village of Barriefield, located just above and looking down on Kingston and the Cataraqui River. Our condo was discovered by pure chance after a long search involving much discouragement and worry. With that out of the way, we are now moving forward with the “rebuild” of this site to allow us to construct a virtual “Paint Box Gallery” operation, capable of delivering our newest combined creative offerings to each of you who have supported us over the years.

We have once again entrusted the construction of this new web-based delivery system to our much loved web designer, Brenda Stanley at Heart of Business,in Barrie ON. Her skill and wonderful spirit has helped carry us through a number of changes and on each occasion, we have emerged afterward with much improved graphics and content that continues to draw positive responses and interest in our site and business.

Deb has combined her business skills and knowledge with Brenda and her capable team to facilitate the completion of this formidable undertaking. It is their hope to have the site up and running for your use and enjoyment by at least the end of October, if not earlier.

Be assured that despite the changes that we have embraced to continue our art and personal journeys with optimism and new energy, our basic underlying goals and commitment to you… our valuable Friends and clients remain fully intact.They remain unchanged.

“At the Paint Box Gallery… Our Friends… and Art… Matter!”

Thank you for your patience and past patronage and support. We look forward to continuing our art-based relationship with you… ASAP!!

Happy Fall… to ALL!!
Rich blessings,
Bruce and Deborah Sherman

2019 Copyright - The Paintbox Gallery