Spring marks the opening of a new year of possibility and change. Change seems to arrive in its own good time in the Natural World… but it nevertheless does arrive and in general, the change occurs as expected. Not so in terms of change in the human world. Often, humans are unable to face change and resist it vehemently…. even painfully long past what is reasonable.

We tend to hang on to what seems to work for us much too long and well past its effectiveness. Our web site is an example of such a change process. Our site was created and maintained effectively for us in the past. It was designed to support a traditional “brick n’ mortar” business.

This web site is being reworked based upon a virtual, rather than physical template. But the paintings will continue to accurately maintain the quality and integrity of the galleries that we owned and operated over the years.

What can change here and will… is the pricing structure that we have had to maintain in the past. That format was based upon costs associated with rent we paid and the loyalty and pricing structure that we had to guarantee other galleries who exhibited my work.

My prices represented here reflect current value and market trends and really offer a more honest dollar value for my customer.

My son Liam and I are collaborating to present a new web site which offers these changes.

At the Paint Box Gallery (virtual, or otherwise) … “Art Matters”