Victoria School, Landsdowne- oil on paper 7×5 inches


Victoria School, Landsdowne
7 x 5  Oil on paper
$75 to 200 (CDN) unframed


We are most pleased to reintroduce this new collection of smaller and less expensive multimedia works in what will be called from here forward “The Small Wall Gallery.” We created this unique feature for our Rockport gallery operation because it appealed to the touring visitors… with limited space to carry or limited resources to spend for larger works of art.

These small 5×7 inch miniatures afforded travellers from at home and abroad an effotless opportunity to carry home pleasant memories and remembrances of their Canadian adventures in the picturesque and unique Thousand Islands – Saint Lawrence River region.

These impressionistic sketch-style paintings capture the special beauty and grandeur of the major architectural and landscape features of this world-reknowned island archipelago. These so succinctly recapture the era of Romanicism… and the never tobe duplicated again… “Golden Victorian Age” of castles, iconic landmarks… nautical history and mytholgy.

I have chosen to select ten original images that we successfully introduced as gift cards based upon Thousand Islands Architecture and Landscapes. These were reprinted and sold in card form. I purposely held these originals in reserve to be released at such a time when they might better receive the full recognition that they rightly deserved.

They now exist in print form locally, around the globe, in North America and across Canada in countless homes and offices. These then are special!

All images were created in the medium of watercolor in combination with pen and ink, thus producing bright and contrasting imagery for strong visual effect. These miniatures command as much visual power as larger works of art in oils or acrylics… at substantially lower prices.

Usually, paintings this size and format range in prices between $75 to 200 (CDN) unframed. Each of these watercolors will each be matted in a professional grade matboard format. We also offer 5×7 inch oil panels on a small replica studio easel for a chic table presentation.


24 x 20




Paper, found materials.


Shipped in glass frame

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