Stained Glass Umbrella


Stained Glass Umbrella – 7 in

Deborah invites you to view and explore the unique, whimsical beauty of her one-of-a-kind stained glass works and to discover the beauty of light…through glass and her eyes, as she creates them.


Deborah Sherman – The Artist
I was born and raised in Brockville, ON along the shores of the beautiful St. Lawrence River. I always ‘smile’ when I know I am close to seeing her, she has been a large part of my life.

Which brings me to the ‘Kwerky Kards’ you will see in our website. These ‘kards’ are a direct reaction I had after the birth of my first grandgirl Ava. I received a foot print and picture of her and now her sister Ella, in a card. ‘My Smile’ was in the ‘ON’ position for the entire day. Each time I received a card from them or one of my friends or a birthday, anniversary or just “because” card my smile appeared. This simple act of less than 5 minutes effort yielded me a day of a silly grin and a warm heart, someone was thinking of me.

The ‘Kwerky Kards’ are whimsical, naive and just full of fun. It only takes less than 5 minutes to purchase, write a sentiment, mail or hand deliver a card. Watch the recipient the next time you give a card and I am 100% sure the facial reaction will rule the day.

Lastly, I am also making stained glass “Kwerky Kritters” along with other small stained glass pieces. I am just having fun enjoying the process and smiling now even more than before. I am indeed “Blessed” and “Smiling”. Pass the feeling along ……


6 x 12




Stained glass


Shipped in protective packaging

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