Stained Glass

Stained Glass Angel w/horn


Stained Glass Angel w/horn – 9 in

Deborah invites you to view and explore the unique, whimsical beauty of her one-of-a-kind stained glass works and to discover the beauty of light…through glass and her eyes, as she creates them.


Deborah Sherman – The Artist
What exactly is a “kwerk” you ask. Well! In my language “kwerks” are small Stained Glass recognizable or abstract figures, constructed or deconstructed into a “kwerk”. They are just plain fun and I love creating them.

The kards were the birth of an idea I had to encourage people to send kards to family and friends. This ritual was slowly becoming extinct with no help from Canada Post increasing postal fees. The axe fell when my first grand girl Ava was born and I started to send out kards and treats to her. Then, the gift came, in the form of a simple kard from her with a scratch and squiggle on the inside that I translated into my own version of “I love you Gramma”. I kept sending and her Mom and Ava continued to send. Each kard made my grin as wide and long as the St. Lawrence River. Then along came my second grand girl Ella. The kards and pictures kept coming and going. Back and forth.

Simple, easy and pure pleasure between sender and recipient that I just had to start work on my new adventure, “kwerks and kards”

Thanks to the gift of love, laughter and giving from two amazing baby girls and now two beautiful young adolescents I enjoy the pleasure of sending them “My Own One of a Kind Handmade Kards.” Along with the hundreds that have been purchased and are now in the hands of ‘others’ with smiles as wide as the mighty St. Lawrence River.

’Tis Good Yes!….Indeed!


6 x 12




Stained glass


Shipped in protective packaging

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