An Artist's Journey

A Canadian Painter is Unhindered By Any Weather:
Glacial Winter Mornings or Scorching Summer Sun!

February has flipped over and replaced a milder -than-usual- January on our Canadian calendar with a vengeance. Solid sub-zero temperatures are to be expected as regular fare it would seem.

Actually, it is this very unexpected change which has fueled my decision to revisit… reshape reimagine the web site in terms of its appearance and goals. The underpinnings of my reason for creating it and for painting in general will always remain the same. Both will continue to offer me the opportunity to share my ideas and views of my world as I encounter them.

I have been influenced by the ideas of many individuals in many stations in life during my career. One of these mentors was a fellow West Canadian artist Robert Genn… now deceased. This quote attributed to him solidly states my firm belief about Art and why I have chosen to dedicate my life to creating and sharing it with others: “Art is a form of love; Art is the ultimate gift. Art heals life.” I believe that our combined art force has succeeded in achieving this. In the process, Art has given back to us those very same gifts.

I believe that my acrylic painting titled “Love Is…” says that.