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Deborah Sherman – The Artist
I was born and raised in Brockville, ON  along the shores of the  beautiful St. Lawrence River. I always ‘smile’ when I know I am close to seeing her, she has been a large part of my life.

Which brings me to the ‘Kwerky Kards’ you will see in our website. These ‘kards’ are a direct reaction I had after the birth of my first grandgirl Ava. I received a foot print and picture of her and now her sister Ella, in a card. ‘My Smile’ was in the ‘ON’ position for the entire day. Each time I received a card from them or one of my friends or a birthday, anniversary or just “because” card my smile appeared. This simple act of less than 5 minutes effort yielded me a day of a silly grin and a warm heart, someone was thinking of me.

The ‘Kwerky Kards’ are whimsical, naive and just full of fun. It only takes less than 5 minutes to purchase, write a sentiment, mail or hand deliver a card. Watch the recipient the next time you give a card and I am 100% sure the facial reaction will rule the day.

Lastly, I am also making stained glass “Kwerky Kritters” along with other small stained glass pieces. I am just having fun enjoying the process and smiling now even more than before. I am indeed “Blessed” and “Smiling”. Pass the feeling along ……

A.W. Bruce Sherman
Bruce was born ,raised and received his early education in Brockville, Ontario. He graduated from London Teachers’ College in 1965 and began a highly successful teaching career that spanned nearly thirty years.

During that career he continued to develop his artistic interests and abilities to enable him to actively exhibit in galleries across the province and in other parts of Canada. While he has experimented with a variety of different mediums over his career, he prefers to work with oil paints because they allow him to work creating sketches outside on location throughout the entire year. These sketches are paintings in their own right, but often serve as inspiration for the larger scale studio canvases which show further exploration and development of the “sketch.”

His impressionistic stylism depicts his profound pride in his Canadian Heritage and gives evidence of his wide-ranging travels across the Canadian Landscape.His faithful rendering of changing landscapes,urban and rural settings records his journey with a unique “joie-de-vivre” and optimism.

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